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Who is the Textile Enthusiast?

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The Textile Enthusiast, (aka Martha O’Hara), is Amy, our friend, elusive maker, and business partner, but also the inspiration, artist, and craftivist behind Green Dandelion’s handmade “slow” clothing range, sought after beeswax wraps, and our salvaged and upcycled fabric reusables.

Amy’s story has it’s roots in her childhood and her muse is her father. A maker himself and “hippy from back in the day,” he cultured in her an awareness of the environment and living subsistently within it. They lived on the land where she learnt to tread lightly on the earth and live frugally but freely. She learnt resourcefulness and self sufficiency, but also community consciousness and the importance of giving; she learnt to make, grow, and nurture; but most importantly, she was supported to create.

Growing up (and moving often) throughout rural and remote Queensland, Amy  remembers both the freedom of childhood afforded in small country towns, and always being welcomed by the locals. Amy’s comfort as a young child was her “blankie”. She loved the smooth satin edge and tightly woven cotton threads and somehow, she dragged it everywhere, (including through the veggie garden where she munched on carrots with the family pig!).

Amy’s obsession with her  “blankie” marked the beginning of her fascination with textiles. On her 9th birthday, Amy was given her first sewing kit and her love of sewing, (aided and abetted by her lifetime creative influence, Aunty Sue), then began. She started out sewing by hand, making her own handmade gifts for friends and family, and has been sewing and crafting with textiles ever since.

After high school, Amy studied Nursing, a career choice which allowed her to travel extensively. She always seemed to seek out places where she could observe what people were wearing, where they were accessing their clothing, and the textiles used to make them. Over time, she developed an extensive knowledge of where textiles are sourced, and which are ethically and kindly made.

In Japan in particular she immersed herself in the language and culture, and through her curiosity befriended a group of ladies with whom she undertook sewing classes. Her teacher and mentor was a professional Kimono maker, so she learnt from the best! It was here that she not only refined her skill set, but also developed her own personal style and ‘minimalist’ philosophy around fashion.

She ceased wearing and sewing with man made textiles, choosing only quality fabrics ethically sourced from natural fibres. She translated her kimono making skill set into crafting hand sewn western garments and accessories, or high quality machine sewn garments that are hand finished to perfection.

Amy is a huge advocate of body positivity and believes the clothes we wear are a vital form of self expression. She takes her work seriously. She wants for her clients to experience the joy of well fitting clothes, individually tailored to complement their shape and own personal style. She wants you to love your clothes, and enjoy them for the long run.

In a world where the fashion industry alone is set to contribute to a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions by 2050, it helps knowing that the Textile Enthusiast expertly ensures every piece of cloth she uses is cut to allow for minimal waste. Any offcuts and scraps are salvaged and later upcycled or repurposed to create something new, keeping the lifecycle of this valuable resource going for as long as possible.

Fall in love with the Textile Enthusiast here: and also keep an eye on our Socials for exciting new creations by Amy:

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  • Sharon : March 23, 2021

    Nice bio.

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