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Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps

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Our last Blog Post introduced the subject of transitioning your bathroom to zero waste - how did you go?

We thought we would lend a hand with a series of Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps. Let’s start at the top with Zero Waste Hair Care & Removal:

  • Refill your shampoo and conditioner pump packs at your local bulk foods store. These products are widely available to refill, and usually work out much cheaper than buying supermarket brands over and over.
  • Switch to solid Shampoo, Shave and Conditioner Bars. These are a fully zero waste swap (watch the packaging!) and are a great alternative to liquids, especially for travelling. (Finding the right one for you can sometimes take a bit of trial and error. We love Washpool Skin Wellness Shave, Shower & Shampoo Bars for short hair, and their Conditioning Shampoo Bar for longer locks. Contact us for more info!).
  • No Poo! Some people choose to go without shampoo and conditioner completely, just rinsing their hair with warm water. Others rinse with floral waters, dilute apple cider vinegar, or even wash with sodium bicarb. We have given all of these a go but found the last two methods way too harsh when used in combination. We do like a floral water or very dilute apple cider vinegar rinse on occasion after washing with a solid bar – they both leave your hair feeling extra soft. We also highly recommend washing your hair less – once or twice a week is ample.
  • Replace old brushes and combs with ones made out of natural bamboo (like ours by Mieco). These brushes also contain natural rubber which is compostable, so the entire brush is zero waste and able to be composted after many years of use! Stainless steel combs are also a great choice and will last forever.
  • Source styling products, eg hair gels, waxes, sprays, in containers made of glass, tin, bamboo, or recycled waxed cardboard, and buy larger sizes wherever possible. Or, DIY some of these products or find a local maker who will refill your clean empty bottles, tins and jars.
Zero Waste Hair Removal:
  • Recycle disposable razors and shaver heads via Terracycle. These are complicated items, containing plastic, metal, and often rubber and moisturisers, and are unable to be disassembled at home.
  • Invest in a good metal safety razor (we stock a great introductory unisex Safety Razor by Lilvio. Find out more via our Contact Us Page). This is a “buy it once and care for it” reusable item that will last forever. Generally you can use the double sided razor blades several times before having to change them, depending on the length of your beard/hair. Once used, collect the stainless steel blades in a sealed container for safe recycling.
  • Electric razors can also be quite a low-impact option, especially if you’re using green energy and/or rechargeable batteries, but consider there are many parts made of different materials that need to be separated for full recycling at the end of life.
  • Choose zero waste alternatives to shaving cream and aftershave such as solid bars or products in refillable storage tins or glass jars, or compostable cardboard. Shave and beard oils are a nourishing alternative to after shave. NB: your old shaving cream aerosol can can be recycled once it’s completely empty, so please don’t send it to landfill.
  • Look for zero waste hair removal wax in reusable glass jars with a refill option, washable and reusable wax strips, or learn to “sugar” at home with DIY recipes.


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