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Zero Waste Lunchbox Inspo!

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How are your zero waste lunchbox aspirations going?                                            
Changing habits can be hard and even overwhelming if done too quickly. Take your time and make changes gradually. Allow for a bit of trial and error to find ways that work for you and your family.                                                                            
Here’s our ZERO WASTE TIPS to help you on your way:
- Do an audit of what you usually pack for lunch and what single-use plastics you use
- Consider available alternatives you could switch to and whether you're likely to use them or not
- Metal lunchboxes are a food safe, hygenic, durable and long lasting alternative to plastic ones - the ones with compartments can be used instead of a whole heap of wrapping and single containers
- Insulated lunch bags fit a number of containers, water bottle, and jars for easy transportation
- Beeswax, fabric, and silicone food wraps and pouches make fantastic zero waste alternatives to cling wrap and ziplock bags
- Upcycled glass jars and small containers are great for taking things like small snacks eg nuts, fruit, salads, sauces, and dressings to the office
- Keep a reusable container at work so you can say no to disposable plastics if you get takeaway. Also carry reusable cutlery at all times so you never have to use single use plastic ones, and send some to school with the kids
- Don’t forget a reusable water bottle and cup, and a cloth napkin or wrapping cloth are always handy too.


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