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51raw is a brother sister team rediscovering human health through a balance of wholefoods and connecting with Nature. Their main goal is to educate and help people let go of fear and regain their power to live a life full of energy and harmony. The more informed we are, the better our choices are. 

Vibrant health (our natural state), living in harmony with our planet, and maintaining a happy balance in life are a huge aspect of the 51raw philosophy. In this modern world our immune systems are constantly being exhausted by both the toxic processed foods and bodycare products that have flooded our current food and cosmetic industries, as well as the synthetic manufacturing materials used to package, store and consume them. 

To help combat this, 51raw has developed a range of raw bamboo cutlery and straws. They have specifically kept the bamboo in its raw state, without any treatment, as even the eco-friendly oil option in mass production can contain traces of chemicals such as petroleum, and most oils when heated to a high degree are toxic to the human body. Therefore these sets are non-toxic to the human body, and to our environment.  

Enjoy a life of vitality with 51raw.

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