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TE Beeswax Food Wraps


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Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps hand made from salvaged 100% cotton fabric, beeswax straight from the farm (triple paper filtered), organic coconut oil, and pine rosin (naturally derived from pine sap). 

Uses: These are the ultimate Beeswax Wrap Packs! Can you imagine what you could do with multi size food wraps and how much plastic you could save at home? Here's some ideas:

Small Two Pack: Our Small Beeswax Wraps are the perfect snack size. Think morning tea on the go, school snacks, handbag nibbles, or storing small food items in the fridge. Muffins, cheese, veggie sticks, avocado, fruit pieces, nuts and crackers all store well in these. Use your second Small Wrap to cover a glass jar, pannikin, or small bowl of dip, dressings, condiments, etc .

Size: 2 x 20cm square

Small/Medium Pack - A handy little pack for your lunchbox, food on the go, or everyday use at home. The Small Beeswax Wrap is the perfect snack size and makes plastic free wrapping of school snacks, handbag nibbles, or small food items easy. School or work lunches are easily catered for with the Medium Wrap which can be used for anything from a small snack to a big sandwich, lots of fruit or veggie sticks, or lunch size crackers. The Medium Wrap also gives you the versatility of covering small to medium bowls, large blocks of cheese, and your average fruit or vegetable for storing in the fridge.

Sizes included: 
Small - 20cm square
Medium - 33cm square

Medium/Large Pack - This pack has you covered for just about everything! Compliment the versatility of the Medium Wrap with our Large Wrap and step it up to cover all your family sized needs! Think dinner plates, salad and soup bowls, baking dishes and casseroles, desserts, leftovers, and mushrooms, large vegetables like pumpkin, and loaves of fresh bread. Use them everyday to save metres of plastic wrap at home!  

Sizes included: 
Medium - 33cm square
Large - 40cm square

Small/Medium/Large Pack - This family sized pack is the ultimate in versatility, with one of each size allowing you to wrap everything plastic free, as well as cater for small to large appetites. Wrap an avocado, a bowl of dip, or a snack with the Small Wrap; a sandwich, cut pieces of fruit and vegetables in your lunchbox, or store cheese with the Medium Wrap; or keep baked goods or a loaf of bread fresh on the bench, and large vegetables crisp in the fridge with the Large Wrap.

It is also great for covering everything from small bowls and pannikins to medium to large plates and bowls, baking dishes and casseroles, and salad bowls. School or work lunches, family leftovers and tonight's dinner can all be stored plastic free with this pack. 

Sizes included:
Small - 20cm square
Medium - 33cm square
Large - 40cm square

Large/XLarge Pack - If you love to cater, then this is the pack for you! This is the perfect combo for covering dinner plates, platters, soups, baking dishes and casseroles, salad bowls, and dessert. It is also great for everyday uses such as that half a pumpkin you didn't use, saving leftovers, keeping a loaf of bread fresh on the bench, and even for storing mushrooms and large vegetables in the fridge.

Sizes included: 
Large - 40cm square
XLarge - 45cm square

X/Large Two Pack - This ones for the Master Chef in the family! Think big and cover those large platters, soup terrines, baking dishes and casseroles, salad bowls, and dessert at your next dinner party. It is also great for everyday uses as above.

Size - 2 x 45cm square

Big Bundle - Bulk pack of 7 wraps to suit everyday family use and save!

Sizes - S x 2-3 = 20cm M x 1-2 = 33cm L X 2 = 40cm XL x 1 = 45cm

NB: You will receive a random selection of our salvaged fabric designs as shown in the images. Designs may vary. If you have a favourite, please make a note at the checkout and we will do our best to make it happen!

Tender Loving Care: For up to 12 months of life
Wipe over with a cool to warm soapy cloth and air dry. Gentle rubbing only to remove debris. For an extra clean, wipe over with a very dilute apple cider vinegar solution. Our wraps are fully compostable at the end of life.

- Allow direct contact with heat (no hot water, microwaves, ovens, etc - you will melt the wax coating)
- Use anything abrasive (it's that coating thing again!)
- No machines, ie dishwashers, washing machines, etc.
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