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Bodja Chairs

We are honoured to be the caretakers of a very special chair - a variation of the legendary Chair of Jimmy Possum, in fact.

Who was Jimmy Possum? History tells us that Jimmy Possum was a mysterious northern Tasmanian chair maker who lived, worked and sold his chairs out of a hollowed out tree at the turn of the last century.

Eighth generation maker of Australian vernacular furniture, (starting with a convict carpenter on the first fleet), Dr Mike Epworth continues the 150 year old Jimmy Possum tradition through his work, and the communal chair making workshops he runs. Mike fashions the chairs from salvaged timbers, and workshop participants are encouraged to bring a piece of salvaged timber they have some connection with to include in their build.

Mike's chairmaking "factory" fits into a backpack which he sets up under trees, by rivers, or in abandoned buildings. Here he and workshop participants craft chairs, using the fallen timber they find on site, with hand tools using ancient woodworking techniques.

We connected with Mike of Bodja Chair Making through our mutual interest in the preservation of heritage crafts, as well as our appreciation of their social impacts. You are more than welcome to pop into Green Dandelion to get up close with a chair of Jimmy Possum, and find out more about their story and the chair making workshops.

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