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Cleaning & Laundry

Simple, natural fibre brushes and handmade cotton cloths make the hard work of household chores easy. Combine with your favourite homemade cleaning products, essential oils, or natural soaps to make your home and laundry smell fresh and your dishes sparkle.

Complete the eco friendly checklist and eliminate micro-plastics and toxic ingredients by choosing products that are planet and people friendly, sustainable, compostable, biodegradable and durable. Go green when you clean.

Tip: Make your own cleaning and laundry products at home using simple, natural ingredients that have been proven to be non toxic to humans and the environment. By combining ingredients such as soap berries, baking soda, vinegar, purified water, washing soda, natural soap, citric acid and essential oils using age old recipes, you can rest assured that your family is safe from exposure to multitudes of untested industrial chemicals. There are plenty of recipes online or find a local maker.

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