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Nicknamed “The Makery”, this space is dedicated to the Green Dandelion Makers. 

Green Dandelion’s homegrown makers are a little bit different in that their creations are designed to be natural, sustainable, long lasting, and reusable, replacing both single use disposables and unsustainable and potentially toxic household and body care items, especially plastics. 

Our Makers are fighting their own “war on waste” using traditional handicraft such as "slow" sewing, soap making, textile art and craft, working with wax, and homemade natural cleaning and body care products.

Their unique range is zero waste, reusable, made from pure natural ingredients, fibres and textiles, or sustainable materials, which are often upcycled or salvaged, and are non toxic to humans and the environment. In fact, more often than not they can be safely returned to the environment at the end of their life, if they ever die that is!

As believers in a simpler way of life, we are proud to introduce you to them and share their stories and creations. We will also be hosting some crafty events with these guys so you can learn to make, remake, repurpose, restore, repair and prolong the life of your own products and pieces.

Fall in love with “The Makery” here.

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