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On starting a café business in Melbourne in 1998, siblings Abigail and Jamie Forsyth became increasingly concerned about the volume of waste their business and customers were generating. They explored many alternatives to disposable coffee cups and decided that not only were existing options unsuitable for specialty coffee, they importantly hadn’t won the hearts of consumers.

Ceramic mugs were heavy and breakable, Thermoses were bulky and unattractive, and both options were made of materials that make them difficult to recycle at the end of life. After a light bulb moment while heating milk in her daughter’s sippy cup one morning, years of reusable coffee cup design ensued and a movement that actively encourages reuse behaviour was kick started. People purchase KeepCups because not only do they love the way they look and feel, they also form a positive habit of reuse.

KeepCup is from Melbourne, Australia with love. The environmental footprint of the KeepCup is reduced by local manufacturing. KeepCup also equates to less plastic – after just 15 uses a KeepCup Brew breaks even with disposable coffee cups.

KeepCup is a sustainability campaign supported by a product. Many small acts make a phenomenal difference. Through our own actions, we inspire others to be the change they wish to see in the world.

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