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Litter Free Living was founded by Kylie Etheridge, a qualified primary school teacher and now a stay at home mum of four. Kylie saw first-hand the litter children brought to school in their lunch boxes - on average a school-age child using a disposable lunch generates three pieces of litter per day, which equates to 30 kg of waste per year. This works out to be 15 tonnes of waste produced by a school of 500 students each year from lunch boxes alone!

Due to this, Kylie decided that her children would have healthy homemade lunches and snacks without negatively impacting the environment. She designed and handmade reusable fabric sandwich wraps and sandwich and snack bags and was soon asked by friends to make and sell them. Within 12 months Kylie sourced an ethical supplier and started Litter Free Living, developing products which would allow her family and other families to reduce their use of single use disposable plastics and their impact on landfill.

Litter Free Living products are food safe and are made from non-harmful materials. The materials have been tested and they are PVC free, Non-toxic, Phthalate free and BPA free.

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