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MiEco started with a view to present a range of environmentally friendly products that save time and money. The MiEco philosophy is that "It shouldn't cost you the Earth to save the Earth".

Most people don’t even think about disposing of their toothbrushes - they are just something we use and discard. The Eco and Environmental Bamboo Toothbrushes are the MiEco answer to the huge amount of land fill that the simple plastic toothbrush creates. 

The MiEco range also includes Bamboo Hair Brushes and Bamboo Travel Toothbrush Holders, both of which can be found here. MiEco is proud to have these Fair Trade products in their range, and have a goal of one bamboo toothbrush in every home in Australia. 

 Living a sustainable life means better health for us and for our world.

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