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Textile Enthusiast

The Textile Enthusiast is the inspiration, creative designer, and craftivist behind Green Dandelion’s handmade “slow” clothing range, sought after beeswax wraps, and our salvaged and upcycled fabric reusables.

She is passionate about natural textiles and keeping the lifecycle of this valuable resource going for as long as possible, through handmade items for the home, wardrobe, and body that are made to last. She salvages, upcycles, and repurposes textiles, and any new fabrics used are mostly 'end of run', chosen and sewn carefully to ensure that you will get the best possible wear from your items.

Our demands for fast, cheap, seemingly disposable textiles create atrocious levels of exploitation, waste, and pollution that are incredibly costly to both the environment and to the people who work within it. The fashion industry alone is set to contribute to a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions by 2050. Textile Enthusiast items are made at home, at the kitchen table instead of in a sweat shop. She chooses only quality fabrics, ethically sourced and made from natural fibres, and expertly ensures every piece of cloth is cut to allow for minimal waste, and any off cuts and scraps are salvaged and reused.

The Textile Enthusiast also crafts hand sewn garments and accessories, or high quality machine sewn garments that are hand finished to perfection. She is a huge advocate of body positivity and believes the clothes we wear are a vital form of self expression. She therefore takes her work seriously. She wants you to experience the joy of well fitting clothes, tailored to complement body shape and personal style. She wants you to love your clothes, and enjoy them for the long run. They are made with love and will bring you joy for years to come. 

NB: Through an upbringing of living subsistently, a lifetime love of textiles and sewing, and extensive travel, the Textile Enthusiast has nurtured a ‘minimalist’ philosophy around the use of textiles and fashion. She has also developed a professional skill set as a sewist and textile artist, and an extensive knowledge in working with textiles made from only natural fibres, that are ethically sourced and kindly made.

Choose wisely, use well with Textile Enthusiast.

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