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Textile Enthusiast

 The Textile Enthusiast fell in love with textiles as a young child and began sewing when given her first sewing kit on her 9th birthday. All throughout her life she has been drawn to the fabrics of the world around her but, unfortunately, the textile industry is incredibly costly to both the environment and to the people who work within it. 

Our demands for fast, cheap, seemingly disposable textiles create atrocious levels of exploitation, waste and pollution. But we need clothes. And bags. And linens, dishcloths, tea towels, face cloths, and so on. The Textile Enthusiast’s passion for textiles has been channelled into a handmade range that helps people choose better quality natural textiles for their homes and their bodies that last, and can be used again and again and again.

Textile Enthusiast items are made at home, at the kitchen table instead of in a sweat shop. Every piece of cloth is cut to ensure minimal waste and offcuts are salvaged. She  upcycles, recycles, repurposes and salvages textiles to keep the lifecycle of this valuable resource going for as long as possible. Quality new fabrics, mostly 'end of run', are chosen and sewn carefully to ensure that you will get the best possible wear from your items. They are made with love and will bring you joy for years to come. 

Simple changes in choices of everyday household items collectively make a difference. 

Choose wisely, use well with Textile Enthusiast.

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