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TE Beeswax Wraps - S/M/L 3 Pack


Designer: Textile Enthusiast

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Reusable Food Wraps hand made from salvaged 100% cotton fabric, beeswax straight from the farm (triple filtered), coconut oil, and pine rosin (naturally derived from pine sap). Mixed size three pack.

Uses: The ultimate Beeswax Wrap Pack! Can you imagine what you could do with one of each size of food wrap and how much plastic you could save at home? This pack has you covered for everything from small bowls and pannikins to lunchboxes, medium to large plates and bowls, baking dishes and casseroles, and salad bowls. It is also great for everyday uses such as wrapping an avocado, a bowl of dip, a snack or large sandwich, small to large cut pieces of fruit and vegetables, storing small to large cheeses, keeping baked goods or a loaf of bread fresh on the bench, and even for storing mushrooms and small to large vegetables in the fridge.

Small - 20cm square
Medium - 33cm square
Large - 40cm square

Also available in XLarge and other handy mixed packs.

Tender Loving Care:
Wipe over with a cool to warm soapy cloth and air dry. Gentle rubbing only to remove debris. For an extra clean, wipe over with a very dilute apple cider vinegar solution.

- Allow direct contact with heat (no hot water, microwaves, ovens, etc - you will melt the wax coating)
- Use anything abrasive (it's that coating thing again!)
- No machines, ie dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

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