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At Green Dandelion we are different. We firmly believe that planetary health and human wellbeing are inextricably connected. Our mission is to raise awareness and support others to change behaviour to reduce waste and use of materials that are potentially harmful to both ourselves and the environment. We are change makers, helping you to build the future you want for the world.

We offer an inspiring range of eco products, for the home and body, that are all either handmade locally, upcycled, or ethically made from non toxic ingredients, sustainable materials and natural fibres. They are products with a cause, each with their own stories, that support both a sustainable lifestyle and also keep on giving - to you, to the maker, and to the planet.

Every product is reusable, biodegradable, or compostable, reducing waste, leaving little environmental footprint, and replacing single use plastics in your home. Replacing even one single use product with a reusable option significantly decreases your impact on landfill and waterways, (ie the planet), and ourselves - who knows what's really in our multitudes of throw aways!

From homemade to ethically made - Live Sustainably.



We have worked very hard to establish relationships with both local homegrown makers and Australian ethical suppliers who share our zero waste and toxin free ethos and are passionately working towards a cleaner, safer world through products that do no harm. Collectively, we are a force for good.



The next step on our sustainability journey has been to partner with Trace to create a Climate Positive Workforce! This means that we have measured the carbon emissions of our employees while they’re at work and offset those emissions through certified carbon credits and tree planting.

You can see our impact and read about the amazing projects we are supporting here:







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