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This space is dedicated to the Green Dandelion Makers. They are fighting their own “war on waste” using traditional handicraft such as sewing, soapmaking, working with textiles, origami, working with wax, and homemade natural cleaning and body care products. 

 These creations are designed to replace both single use disposables and unsustainable and potentially toxic household and body care items, especially plastics. They are zero waste, reusable, made from natural ingredients and sustainable materials which are often upcycled, and are non toxic to humans and the environment. In fact, more often than not they can be returned to the environment at the end of their life, if they ever die that is!

 As believers in a simpler way of life, we are proud to introduce you to them and share their stories and creations. We will also be hosting some crafty events with these guys so you can learn to make, remake, repurpose, restore, repair and prolong the life of your own products and pieces. Fall in love with the Green Dandelion Makers here.


Textile Enthusiast

The Textile Enthusiast fell in love with textiles as a young child and began sewing when given her first sewing kit on her 9th birthday. All throughout her life she has been drawn to the fabrics of the world around her but, unfortunately, the textile industry is incredibly costly to both the environment and to the people who work within it.

Our demands for fast, cheap, seemingly disposable textiles create atrocious levels of exploitation, waste and pollution. But we need clothes. And bags. And linens, dishcloths, tea towels, face cloths, and so on. The Textile Enthusiast’s passion for textiles has been channelled into a handmade range that helps people choose better quality natural textiles for their homes and their bodies that last, and can be used again and again and again.

Textile Enthusiast items are made at home, at the kitchen table instead of in a sweat shop. Every piece of cloth is cut to ensure minimal waste and offcuts are salvaged. She  upcycles, recycles, repurposes and salvages textiles to keep the lifecycle of this valuable resource going for as long as possible. Quality new fabrics, mostly 'end of run', are chosen and sewn carefully to ensure that you will get the best possible wear from your items. They are made with love and will bring you joy for years to come.

Simple changes in choices of everyday household items collectively make a difference.

Choose better, choose Textile Enthusiast.

RADHA Luxury Organics & Naturals

RADHA Luxury Organics & Naturals is a small, family owned artisan bodycare business, located high in the pristine Goomburra Valley of South East Queensland. Here on their off-grid solar powered farm they lovingly handcraft all their certified organic and natural products for body, bath and home with the greatest of care and attention to detail.

Everything in the range is hand blended in small batches using only the purest ingredients - all naturally free of toxic and synthetic chemicals, to enhance and support your health and well being. They source as many of their quality ingredients as possible directly from Australian farmers and even grow some themselves.

The entire range is suitable for vegans, nothing is ever tested on animals and everything is free of palm oil. To assure customers that any organic claims about RADHA products are true and correct, they are certified organic to Australian standards with AUS-QUAL - Certified Organic Processor  AQ620021.

If you are pregnant, or have allergies, please seek medical advice before using products containing essential oils. We hope that you love using your products from RADHA as much as they love making them for you.

NB: As the Green Dandelion Body range is currently under review, we do not have the RADHA body care range available right now. 

Green Dandelion

Green Dandelion is not only a retailer of eco products with a cause, but also a maker. We have always aspired to keeping things 'simple' in the Green Dandelion household, which for us has meant using natural eco-friendly products, supporting local artisans and makers, farmers and small businesses, buying in bulk, reducing waste by reusing (or hoarding as some would say!), buying pre-loved over new, and making things from scratch or fixing things ourselves wherever possible.

This ethos has lead to not only the Green Dandelion store, but also our popular DIY Beeswax Wrap Making Kits made from all natural, environmentally and human friendly ingredients. Keep it simple. Go Green……Dandelion!



51raw is a brother sister team rediscovering human health through a balance of wholefoods and connecting with Nature. Their main goal is to educate and help people let go of fear and regain their power to live a life full of energy and harmony. The more informed we are, the better our choices are.

Vibrant health (our natural state), living in harmony with our planet, and maintaining a happy balance in life are a huge aspect of the 51raw philosophy. In this modern world our immune systems are constantly being exhausted by both the toxic processed foods and bodycare products that have flooded our current food and cosmetic industries, as well as the synthetic manufacturing materials used to package, store and consume them.

To help combat this, 51raw has developed a range of tooth + gum powders, individually handmade in order to guarantee consistency and potency. Only the highest quality food grade ingredients available are used.

Enjoy a life of vitality with 51raw.

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