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51raw Natural Bamboo Cutlery Set

Designer: 51raw


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This natural bamboo cutlery set is intended to be taken with you, and re-used over a period of time, in order to avoid wasting single-use take-away cutlery. Use it for your meals on the go, or simply to enhance the flavours of each bite in your own kitchen.

As the bamboo has been kept in its raw state, without any treatment, these sets are non-toxic to the human body and to our environment. Frequent oiling (edible oil only – we recommend coconut or olive oil) of the cutlery will help its longevity. Also it is important to not let your cutlery stay wet for prolonged periods of time as this will cause it to crack. 

When you feel your cutlery has reached the end of its life please place in a compost bin instead of general rubbish, so it can completely decompose.


Length approx: 20cm

We recommend replacing your bamboo cutlery every 12 months.

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