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Pumice Foot Stone

Designer: Bodecare


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Proportioned for an easy grip, the Bodecare Pumice Foot Stone is the essential home pedicure tool. Pumice is naturally abrasive, so if you have calluses or dead skin build up on your toes, heels and hands, there is no better way to exfoliate them naturally than using a 100% pumice stone.

The foot stone is a compact size and will easily fit into the smallest of cosmetic bags or shower nooks.


Feet -
Moisten feet with soapy water until skin softens. Gently rub the pumice stone over coarse or callused areas for two to three minutes. You'll soon notice these areas reduce in size. Also great to remove embedded dirt.

Hands -
Pumice is great to remove paint or dirt from hands and fingers, especially hard-to-remove dirt stuck on coarse skin on the sides of fingers and palms of hands. Lather hands with soapy water and gently rub pumice over soiled areas on the hands & fingers and it will help clean and soften the skin.

Caution: Avoid open wounds.

Tip: Consistency is key when trying to remove calluses, keep up treatment daily.


All Bodecare pumice stone is 100% volcanic pumice which is recognisable by its mostly light gray or tan colour and tiny air bubble holes, which can be filled with tiny particles of clay or crystals. Dry pumice often floats in water.

Bodecare is proud to support a Fair Trade manufacturer in the Philippines, who hand make pumice foot brushes from 100% volcanic pumice. When you purchase these brushes you are supporting women and children globally.

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