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TE Wool Hand Warmers

Designer: Textile Enthusiast

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Keep your hands toasty when out and about in winter with these cute pocket sized wool hearts. Filled with flaxseed, they can be gently warmed like a heat pack, and will retain their heat.

The wool used to make our Wool Hand Warmers was sourced from upcycled blankets and has been hand felted and hand dyed. They can also be used as a small heat pack for those hard to get to spots, or to preheat pillows, shoes, pet beds, etc.


- Heat in the microwave for 1 minute intervals until warm, not hot.

- Turn oven to the lowest heat setting and heat until warm, not hot. Check and turn every 2-5 minutes - please do not leave unattended!

NB: We recommend placing a microwave/oven safe dish of water in with the hearts to prevent the flaxseed filling from drying out. Please exercise caution and do not overheat due to risk of burns and product damage.

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